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Inconsistent Reporting Org references

List of Publishers where the reporting-org element does not match the reporting-org field in the IATI Registry.

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Publisher Reporting Org on Registry Reporting Orgs in Data (count) Reporting Orgs in Data
50 Eight Limited GB-COH-07291220 1 GB-COH-07291220
Aapasi Sahayog Kendra Syangja Nepal (ASK Nepal) NP-SWC-8220 1 NP-SWC-8220
Aasaman Nepal NP-SWC-27693 1 NP-SWC-27693
ABAAD - Resource Center for Gender Equality LB-MOI-497 1 LB-MOI-497
Abaseen Foundation UK GB-CHC-1157009 1 GB-CHC-1157009
Able Child Africa GB-CHC-326859 1 GB-CHC-326859
Abt Associates Inc US-EIN-042347643 1 US-EIN-042347643
Abt Britain Limited GB-COH-10633588 1 GB-COH-10633588
Academy for Health Development (AHEAD) NG-CAC-692943 1 NG-CAC-692943
Académie de recherche et d'enseignement supérieur BE-BCE_KBO-0546740696 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0546740696
Accelerator Nepal NP-SWC-46024 1 NP-SWC-46024
Access to Medicine Foundation NL-KVK-34185938 1 NL-KVK-34185938
Access to Seeds Foundation NL-KVK-70292361 2 NL-KVK-53744993 NL-KVK-70292361
Accountability Lab US-EIN-45-4613016 1 US-EIN-45-4613016
Accountable Now GB-CHC-1173827 1 GB-CHC-1173827
Acid Survivors Foundation PK-VSWA-511-2007 2 PK-VSWA-511-2007 XI-IATI-VSWA-511-2007
ACODEV BE-BCE_KBO-0462279234 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0462279234
Across KE-NGC-9381 2 KE-NCB-9381 KE-NGC-9381
act4africa GB-COH-04276635 1 GB-COH-04276635
ACTED FR-SIRET-4028868160030 2 FR-RCS-402886816 FR-SIRET-4028868160030
Action Against Hunger UK GB-CHC-1047501 1 GB-CHC-1047501
Action Against Hunger USA US-EIN-13-3327220 1 US-EIN-13-3327220
Action Contre la Faim FR-RCS-31899089200065 1 FR-RCS-31899089200065
ActionAid Bangladesh BD-NAB-0210 1 BD-NAB-0210
ActionAid Denmark (Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke) DK-CVR-18243717 1 DK-CVR-18243717
ActionAid Ghana GH-DSW-3064 1 GH-DSW-3064
ActionAid International NL-KVK-27264198 1 NL-KVK-27264198
ActionAid Rwanda RW-RGB-61-RGB-NGO-2017 1 RW-RGB-61-RGB-NGO-2017
ActionAid UK GB-CHC-274467 1 GB-CHC-274467
Acumen US-EIN-134166228 1 US-EIN-134166228
Adam Smith International GB-COH-2732176 1 GB-COH-2732176
Adaptation Fund 47111 1 47111
ADD International (Action on Disability and Development) GB-COH-294860 1 GB-COH-294860
Administração de Infra-Estruturas de Águas e Saneamento MZ-NUIT-700098168 1 MZ-NUIT-700098168
ADRA Denmark DK-CVR-20074035 1 DK-CVR-20074035
ADRA-UK GB-CHC-1074937 1 GB-CHC-1074937
ADS-Nyanza KE-RCO-78260 1 KE-RCO-78260
Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA Somalia) KE-NGC-663 1 KE-NGC-663
Adventist Development and Relief Agency, Nepal NP-IRD-302113730 1 XI-IATI-NP-IRD-302113730
AECOM GB-COH-01846493 2 GB-COH-01846493 GB-COH-GB-COH-01846493
Aeras US-EIN-522044704 1 US-EIN-522044704
AFELT KE-KRA-P051713416W 1 KE-KRA-P051713416W
AFEW International NL-KVK-34148682 1 NL-KVK-34148682
Afghanaid GB-CHC-1045348 1 GB-CHC-1045348
Afghanistan and Central Asian Association GB-CHC-1096908 1 GB-CHC-1096908
Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) AF-MOE-1212 1 AF-MOE-1212
Africa Educational Trust GB-CHC-313139 1 GB-CHC-313139
Africalia BE-BCE_KBO-0474198059 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0474198059
African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) US-EIN-11-3803281 1 US-EIN-11-3803281
African Centre for Global Health and Social Transformation UG-RSB-73316 1 UG-RSB-73316
African Development Bank 46002 1 46002
African Initiatives GB-CHC-1064413 2 GB-CHC-1064413 null
African Parks Network ZA-CIP-2007-0308903-08 1 ZA-CIP-2007-0308903-08
African Population and Health Research Center US-EIN-06-1608361 1 US-EIN-06-1608361
African Revival GB-CHC-1108718 1 GB-CHC-1108718
African Women's Development Fund GH-DSW-2046 1 GH-DSW-2046
Afrikagrupperna Sweden SE-ON-802007-2446 1 SE-ON-802007-2446
AfriKids GB-CHC-1141028 1 GB-CHC-1141028
Aga Khan Foundation (United Kingdom) GB-COH-1100897 1 GB-COH-1100897
Aga Khan Foundation Afghanistan AF-MOE-138 1 AF-MOE-138
AgDevCo GB-COH-07026479 1 GB-COH-07026479
Agence Française de Développement FR-3 3 FR-3 XI-IATI-FR-3 null
Agence Nationale d'Approvisionnement en Eau Potable en Milieu Rural du Benin BJ-IFU-4201710182326 1 bj-IFU-4201710182326
Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development (ACORD) GB-CHC-283302 1 GB-CHC-283302
AgResults Initiative XI-IATI-AGR 1 XI-IATI-AGR
AgriProFocus NL-KVK-30204842 1 NL-KVK-30204842
Agulhas Applied Knowledge GB-COH-04644326 1 GB-COH-04644326
Agência de Desenvolvimento do Vale do Zambeze MZ-NUIT-50039061 1 MZ-NUIT-50039061
AICS - Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo / Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development XM-DAC-6-4 1 XM-DAC-6-4
AidData US-501c3-522318905 1 US-501c3-522318905
Aidsfonds - Soa Aids Nederland NL-KVK-41207989 1 NL-KVK-41207989
AIDSPAN US-EIN-32-0060251 1 US-EIN-32-0060251
Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo (ADPP) mz-moj-64vq1 1 mz-moj-64vq1
Aktis Strategy Ltd GB-COH-08327972 1 GB-COH-08327972
Akvo Foundation NL-KVK-27327087 1 NL-KVK-27327087
Alcis Holdings Limited GB-COH-5155300 1 GB-COH-5155300
Alfalit MZ-MOJ-203D 1 MZ-MOJ-203D
All We Can (formerly Methodist Relief and Development Fund) GB-CHC-291691 1 GB-CHC-291691
Alliance of Religions and Conservation GB-CHC-1047608 1 GB-CHC-1047608
American Friends Service Committee US-EIN-23-1352010 0
Amnesty International The Netherlands NL-KVK-40530953 2 Amnesty International Nederland NL-KVK-40530953
Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust GB-CHC-1051681 1 GB-CHC-1051681
Amref Flying Doctors NL-KVK-41150298 1 NL-KVK-41150298
Amref Health Africa - UK GB-CHC-261488 1 GB-CHC-261488
Amref Health Africa Headquarters KE-RCO-C1-61 1 KE-RCO-C1-61
Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia ET-MFA-0001989741 1 ET-MFA-0001989741
Amref Health Africa in Kenya KE-NCB-93175 1 KE-NCB-93175
Amref Health Africa in Tanzania TZ-BRLA-4368 1 TZ-BRLA-4368
Amref Health Africa in Uganda UG-NGB-5914-252 1 UG-NGB-5914-252
Amref Health Africa Malawi MW-NBM-R1527 1 MW-NBM-R1527
Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) Africa KE-NCB-OP21805193101154 1 KE-NCB-OP21805193101154
ANDA MZ-MOJ-F30G1No89 1 MZ-MOJ-F30G1No89
Anti-Slavery International GB-CHC-1049160 1 GB-CHC-1049160
APPRO-Europe BE-GTCF-630789842 1 BE-GTCF-630789842
APT Action on Poverty GB-CHC-290836 1 GB-CHC-290836
Aqua for All NL-KVK-27248417 2 NL-KVK-27248417 null
Arab foundation for freedoms and equality LB-MOI-18291 1 LB-MOI-18291
ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) GB-COH-04589451 1 GB-COH-04589451
Article19 GB-CHC-327421 1 GB-CHC-327421
Ashoka East Africa KE-NCB-21805120080955572 1 KE-NCB-OP.218/051/2008/095/5572
Asian Development Bank 46004 1 46004
Association Centrafricaine de Traduction de la Bible et Alphabetisation XI-IATI-ACATBA 1 XI-IATI-ACATBA
Association for Cultural Technical and Educational Cooperation (ACTEC) BE-BCE_KBO-0424198222 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0424198222
Association for Progressive Communication US-EIN-943287156 1 US-EIN-943287156
Association for Reproductive and Family Health NG-CAC-5938 1 NG-CAC-5938
Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) US-EIN-521291786 1 US-EIN-521291786
Association of Commonwealth Universities GB-CHC-314137 1 GB-CHC-314137
Association pour la Promotion de l'Education et de la Formation à l'Etranger BE-BCE_KBO-0415880570 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0415880570
Atos IT Services Ltd GB-COH-01245534 1 GB-COH-01245534
Atradius Dutch State Business NL-KVK-33226495 1 NL-KVK-33226495
Auschwitz Institute for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities UG-NGO-3329 1 UG-NGB-3329
Australia - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade AU-5 0
Auto-Développement Afrique (ADA) BE-BCE_KBO-0408095925 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0408095925
Autre Terre asbl BE-BCE_KBO-0423588904 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0423588904
Avanti Communications Plc GB-COH-06133927 1 GB-COH-06133927
Avocats Sans Frontières BE-BCE_KBO-0447404580 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0447404580
AVT-L Association of Victims of Terrorism Lebanon LB-MOI-853 1 LB-MOI-853
AWEPA NL-KVK-34106722 1 NL-KVK-34106722
Babawatoto Centre For Children and Youth TZ-TRA-116315386 1 TZ-TRA-116315386
Backward Society Education (BASE) NP-DAO-DANG-18-046/47 1 NP-DAO-DANG-18-046/47
Balloon Ventures Foundation GB-CHC-1141552 1 GB-CHC-1141552
Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha BD-NAB-0271 1 BD-NAB-0271
BasicNeeds GB-CHC-1079599 1 GB-CHC-1079599
Baylor College of Medicine Children's Foundation Malawi MW-CNM-BCM-CF 1 MW-CNM-BCM-CF
BBC Media Action GB-CHC-1076235 1 GB-CHC-1076235
BDO LLP GB-COH-OC305127 1 GB-COH-OC305127
Bees Abroad UK GB-CHC-1108464 1 GB-CHC-1108464
Bees for Development Trust GB-CHC-1078803 1 GB-CHC-1078803
Belgian development agency (Enabel) BE-BCE_KBO-0264814354 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0264814354
Belgian Development Cooperation XM-DAC-2-10 1 XM-DAC-2-10
Benelux Afro Center BE-BCE_KBO-0463729878 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0463729878
Berytech Foundation LB-MOI-26_AD 2 LB-MOI-26_AD XI-PB-26_AD
Beweging voor Internationale Solidariteit - Mouvement pour la Solidarité Internationale BE-BCE_KBO-0478060441 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0478060441
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation DAC-1601 0
Bioclimate Research and Development GB-SC-044007 1 GB-SC-044007
Blue Ventures Conservation GB-CC-1098893 1 GB-CC-1098893
Bond GB-CHC-1068839 1 GB-CHC-1068839
BOS+ tropen BE-BCE_KBO-0479222461 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0479222461
Boston University US-EIN-04-2103547 1 US-EIN-04-2103547
Both ENDS NL-KVK-41210098 1 NL-KVK-41210098
BRAC BD-NAB-002 1 BD-NAB-002
BRAC International NL-CCI-20081098 3 GB-CHC-1115482 GB-COH-1115482 NL-CCI-20081098
Brigham and Women's Hospital US-EIN-042312909 1 US-EIN-042312909
British & Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group GB-CHC-1135700 1 GB-CHC-1135700
British Asian Trust GB-CHC-1127366 1 GB-CHC-1127366
British Council GB-CHC-209131 1 GB-CHC-209131
British Red Cross GB-CHC-220949 1 GB-CHC-220949
Broederlijk Delen BE-BCE_KBO-0418088113 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0418088113
Brujula Comunicaciones Estrategicas SAS CO-RUE-830140714-1 1 CO-RUE-830140714-1
Brulocalis BE-BCE_KBO-0451516390 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0451516390
BSR US-EIN-52-1764268 1 US-EIN-52-1764268
Bucks Community NGO UG-NGB-10890 1 UG-NGB-10890
Build Africa GB-CHC-298316 2 GB-CHC-298316 null
Burns Violence Survivors - Nepal NP-SWC-27288 1 NP-SWC-27288
Business in the Community GB-CHC-297716 1 GB-CHC-297716
C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group US-EIN-900634376 1 US-EIN-900634376
Camfed International GB-CHC-1029161 1 GB-CHC-1029161
Canada - Global Affairs Canada | Affaires mondiales Canada CA-3 1 CA-3
Canada - International Development Research Centre/Centre de recherches pour le développement international XM-DAC-301-2 1 XM-DAC-301-2
Canada Department of Finance / Ministère des Finances Canada CA-4 0
Canon Collins Trust GB-CHC-1102028 1 GB-CHC-1102028
Carbon Trust Advisory Ltd GB-COH-06274284 1 GB-COH-06274284
Cardno Emerging Markets GB-COH-05543952 1 GB-COH-05543952
CARE BENIN/TOGO BJ-IFU-5201000673108 1 BJ-IFU-5201000673108
CARE Danmark Fonden for Frivillig Ulandsbistand DK-CVR-12921047 1 DK-CVR-12921047
CARE International Afghanistan AF-MOE-22 1 AF-MOE-22
CARE international foundation Switzerland in Sudan XM-OCHA-HPC8568 1 XM-OCHAS-HPC8568
CARE International in Zimbabwe ZW-PVO-15/2003 1 ZW-PVO-15/2003
CARE International UK GB-CHC-292506 2 GB-CHC-202615 GB-CHC-292506
CARE Nederland NL-KVK-41158230 1 NL-KVK-41158230
CARE Nepal NP-IRD-302274734 1 NP-IRD-302274734
CARE SOMALIA KE-NCB-218/051/9384/74 1 KE-NCB-218/051/9384/74
Carers Worldwide GB-CHC-1150214 1 GB-CHC-1150214
Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) XM-DAC-46009 2 XI-IATI-46009 XM-DAC-46009
Caritas Denmark DK-CVR-29439915 1 DK-CVR-29439915
Caritas Finland FI-PRO-139407 1 FI-PRO-139407
Caritas International (Belgium) BE-BCE_KBO-0410644946 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0410644946
Caritas Serbia RS-APR-17062603 1 RS-APR-17062603
Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD) GB-CHC-285776 1 GB-CHC-285776
Catholic Relief Services US-EIN-13-5563422 1 US-EIN-13-5563422
CDA Collaborative Learning Projects US-IRS-562339052 1 US-IRS-562339052
CDC Group plc GB-COH-03877777 1 GB-COH-03877777
Cecily's Fund GB-CHC-1071660 1 GB-CHC-1071660
Center for Civilians in Conflict US-EIN-75-3130860 1 US-EIN-75-3130860
Center for International Studies and Cooperation CA-CRA_ACR-118846575 1 CA-CRA_ACR-118846575
Center for Research on Environment Health and Population Activities (CREHPA) NP-SWC-1844 1 NP-SWC-1844
Centre For Citizens With Disabilities NG-CAC-IT-23286 0
Centre for Economic Policy Research GB-CHC-287287 1 GB-CHC-287287
Centre for Environment Human Rights and Development NG-CAC-19258 1 NG-CAC-19258
Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre) CH-FDJP-CHE-105181636 1 CH-FDJP-CHE-105181636
Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems ciks 1 ciks
Centre for Legal Research and Development NG-CAC-54522 2 NG-CAC-54522 NG-CAC-CAC-IT-NO.54522
Centre for the Study of Adolescence KE-NCB-218/051/96110/823 1 KE-NCB-218/051/96110/823
Centre International de Développement et de Recherche FR-RCS-78049888700022 1 FR-RCS-78049888700022
Centre National de Coopération au Développement (CNCD-11.11.11) BE-BCE_KBO-0421207751 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0421207751
Centre Tricontinental - CETRI BE-BCE_KBO-0461076236 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0461076236
Centro de Promocion y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos PE-SUNARP-11744379 1 PE-SUNARP-11744379
Cesvi IT-CF-95008730160 1 IT-CF-95008730160
Chama cha Uzazi na Malezi Bora Tanzania (UMATI) TZ-TRA-101-304-795 1 TZ-TRA-101-304-795
Chance for Childhood GB-CHC-1013587 1 GB-CHC-1013587
Charity Projects Ltd (Comic Relief) GB-CHC-326568 1 GB-CHC-326568
Chaîne de l'Espoir Belgique / Keten van Hoop België / Chain of Hope Belgium BE-BCE_KBO-0463455904 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0463455904
CHEKA SANA TANZANIA TZ-TRA-121406209 1 TZ-TRA-121-406-209
Chemonics International Inc. US-EIN-52-2145827 1 US-EIN-52-2145827
Cheshire Services Uganda UG-NGB-5914-7209 1 UG-NGB-5914-7209
Child-to-Child GB-CHC-1152010 1 GB-CHC-1152010
Child.org GB-CHC-1118528 1 GB-CHC-1118528
ChildFund International US-EIN-54-0536100 1 US-EIN-54-0536100
ChildHope UK GB-CHC-328434 1 GB-CHC-328434
Children in Crisis GB-CHC-1020488 1 GB-CHC-1020488
Children in Crossfire GB-NIC-101412 1 GB-NIC-101412
CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality NL-KVK-32108345 1 NL-KVK-32108345
Christian Aid GB-CHC-1105851 1 GB-CHC-1105851
Christian Aid Ireland IE-CHY-6998 0
Christian Blind Mission (UK) Ltd. GB-CHC-1058162 1 GB-CHC-1058162
Christian Engineers in Development GB-CHC-293734 1 GB-CHC-293734
CIFAL Scotland GB-SC-037597 1 GB-SC-037597
CINI IN-MHA-147110006 1 IN-MHA-147110006
CISU DK-CVR-19348407 1 DK-CVR-19348407
CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation ZA-NPO-029-864 1 ZA-NPO-029-864
CLASP US-EIN-33-1112770 1 US-EIN-33-1112770
Clean Clothes Campaign NL-KVK-41210820 1 NL-KVK-41210820
ClientEarth GB-COH-02863827 1 GB-COH-02863827
Climate Investment Funds 47135 2 47134 47135
Climate Policy Initiative US-EIN-26-4129153 1 US-EIN-26-4129153
Clinton Health Access Initiative US-EIN-27-1414646 1 US-EIN-27-1414646
CNV Internationaal NL-KVK-54436222 2 NL-KVK-54436222 NL-KvK-54436222-27541
Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations NO-BRC-917687811 1 NO-BRC-917687811
COC Nederland NL-KVK-40530156 1 NL-KVK-40530156
CODA International GB-CHC-1000717 1 GB-CHC-1000717
Coffey International Development GB-COH-3799145 1 GB-COH-3799145
ColaLife GB-CHC-1142516 1 GB-CHC-1142516
Collectif Stratégies Alimentaires BE-BCE_KBO-0448755949 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0448755949
Comité pour l'abolition des dettes illégitimes BE-BCE_KBO-0446340550 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0446340550
Commune de Adja-Ouere - Bénin BJ-IFU-6200901944008 1 BJ-IFU-6200901944008
Commune de Adjarra - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201810251129 1 null
Commune de Adjohoun - Bénin BJ-IFU-5200801335602 1 BJ-IFU-5200801335602
Commune de Akpro-Missérété - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201001843703 1 BJ-IFU-6201001843703
Commune de Allada - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201501755307 1 BJ-IFU-6201501755307
Commune de Aplahoué - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201001076902 1 BJ-IFU-6201001076902
Commune de Avrankou - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201300688700 1 BJ-IFU-6201300688700
Commune de Bopa - Bénin BJ-IFU-6200901944209 1 BJ-IFU-6200901944209
Commune de Comè - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201000370801 1 BJ-IFU-6201000370801
Commune de Dangbo - Benin BJ-IFU-4201710012551 1 BJ-IFU-4201710012551
Commune de Ifangni - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201100143407 1 BJ-IFU-6201100143407
Commune de Klouékanmè - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201100034408 1 BJ-IFU-6201100034408
Commune de Kpomassè - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201101182902 1 BJ-IFU-6201101182902
Commune de Kétou - Bénin BJ-IFU-6200901851300 1 BJ-IFU-6200901851300
Commune de Lalo - Bénin BJ-IFU-6200901944805 1 BJ-IFU-6200901944805
Commune de Parakou - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201000068802 1 BJ-IFU-6201000068802
Commune de Pobè - Bénin BJ-IFU-6201200579608 1 BJ-IFU-6201200579608
Commune de Toffo - Bénin BJ-IFU-5200081145006 1 BJ-IFU-5200081145006
Commune de Toviklin - Bénin BJ-IFU-6200901945503 1 BJ-IFU-6200901945503
Commune de Zè - Bénin BJ-IFU-6200801257400 1 BJ-IFU-6200801257400
Concern Worldwide IE-CHY-20009090 1 IE-CHY-20009090
Concern Worldwide UK GB-CHC-1092236 1 GB-CHC-1092236
Conciliation Resources GB-CHC-1055436 2 GB-CHC-1055436 null
Concordis International GB-COH-04930461 1 GB-COH-04930461
Conflict Dynamics International US-EIN-56-2460366 1 US-EIN-56-2460366
Conflict, Stability and Security Fund GB-GOV-52 1 GB-GOV-52
Congodorpen vzw BE-BCE_KBO-0408256667 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0408256667
Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST) GB-COH-8159144 1 GB-COH-8159144
Coopération par l'Education et la Culture BE-BCE_KBO-0417549465 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0417549465
Cord GB-CHC-1070684 1 GB-CHC-1070684
Cordaid NL-KVK-41160054 1 NL-KVK-41160054
Cowater International Inc CA-CRA_ACR-101182509 1 CA-CRA_ACR-101182509
COWI DK-CVR-44623528 1 DK-CVR-44623528
CRANE UG-NGB-5914-9186 1 UG-NGB-5914-9186
CREA US-EIN-31-1812979 1 US-EIN-31-1812979
Croix-Rouge de Belgique Communauté francophone - Activités internationales ASBL BE-BCE_KBO-0462132150 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0462132150
Cross-Government Prosperity Fund GB-GOV-50 1 GB-GOV-50
Crown Agents Limited GB-COH-03259922 1 GB-COH-03259922
CUAMM Trustees TN-TIN-102123727 1 TN-TIN-102123727
Cyan International GB-CHC-1129603 1 GB-CHC-1129603
D. Capital Partners GB-COH-07627789 1 GB-COH-07627789
DAI Europe GB-COH-1858644 1 GB-COH-1858644
DAI Global Health GB-COH-03054929 1 GB-COH-03054929
Damiaanactie / Action Damien BE-BCE_KBO-0406694670 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0406694670
dance4life NL-KVK-34197379 1 NL-KVK-34197379
DanChurchAid DK-CVR-36980214 1 DK-CVR-36980214
Danish Family Planning Association DK-CVR-58185728 1 DK-CVR-58185728
Danish Red Cross DK-CVR-20700211 1 DK-CVR-20700211
Danish Refugee Council DK-CVR-20699310 1 DK-CVR-20699310
Danish Trade Union Development Agency (Ulandssekretariatet) DK-CVR-20453672 1 DK-CVR-20453672
Danmission DK-CVR-25191501 1 DK-CVR-25191501
Dansk Missionråds Udviklingsafdeling DK-CVR-12006004 1 DK-CVR-12006004
Data4Development NL-KVK-64763064 1 NL-KVK-64763064
David Gordon Memorial Hospital MW-MRA-20120896 1 MW-MRA-20120896
Dawuro Development Association ET-CSA-0976 1 ET-CSA-0976
DCAF - Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance CH-FDJP-109458452 1 CH-FDJP-109458452
DeafKidz International GB-CHC-1151219 1 GB-CHC-1151219
DECP NL-KVK-27284008 1 NL-KVK-27284008
Defence for Children International Netherlands - ECPAT Netherlands NL-KVK-41208813 1 NL-KVK-41208813
Delivery Associates Ltd GB-COH-08333641 1 GB-COH-08333641
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP IN-MCA-AAE-8458 1 IN-MCA-IN-MCA-AAE-8458
Democracy Reporting International gGmbH DE-CR-RA000217-HRB121747B 1 DE-CR-RA000217-HRB121747B
Democratic Governance Facility XI-IATI-DGF 1 XI-IATI-DGF
Denmark - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danida XM-DAC-3-1 1 XM-DAC-3-1
Department for International Trade GB-GOV-15 1 GB-GOV-15
Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation ZA-ROC-1999/05072/08 1 ZA-ROC-1999/05072/08
Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) Malawi GPAF-IMP-031 2 MW-CNM-21 dm
Development Initiatives Poverty Research GB-COH-06368740 1 GB-COH-06368740
Development Organisation of the Rural Poor BD-NAB-0682 1 BD-NAB-682
Developments In Literacy Trust UK GB-CHC-1122924 1 GB-CHC-1122924
Diakonia Sweden SE-ON-802017-3517 1 SE-ON-802017-3517
Digital Campus GB-COH-07629751 1 GB-COH-07629751
Direcção Provincial de Saúde de Nampula MZ-NUIT-500004037 1 MZ-NUIT-500004037
Disability and Development Partners GB-CHC-1046001 1 GB-CHC-1046001
Disability Rights Advocacy Fund US-EIN-27-5026463 1 US-EIN-27-5026463
Disability Rights Fund US-EIN-27-5026293 1 US-EIN-27-5026293
Disabled People's Organisations Denmark DK-CVR-14766383 1 DK-CVR-14766383
Disasters Emergency Committee GB-CHC-1062638 1 GB-CHC-1062638
Discovery Learning Alliance, Inc. US-EIN-522043740 1 US-EIN-522043740
Djapo BE-BCE_KBO-0408022778 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0408022778
DKT - (Pakistan) PK-SEC-0080655 1 XI-IATI-PK-SEC-0080655
DKT Ethiopia ET-CSA-0062 1 ET-CSA-8744
DNH Mali (Direction Nationale de l’Hydraulique du Mali) ML-NIF-400100027H 1 ML-NIF-400100027H
Doctors of the World UK GB-CHC-1067406 1 GB-CHC-1067406
Doctors with Africa CUAMM IT-CF-00677540288 1 IT-CF-00677540288
Dorcas Aid International NL-KVK-41236410 1 NL-KVK-41236410
Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative CH-FDJP-CHE110141200 1 CH-FDJP-CHE110141200
DUF - The Danish Youth Council DK-CVR-13078513 1 DK-CVR-13078513
Dynamo International asbl BE-BCE_KBO-0474912493 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0474912493
Défi Belgique Afrique BE-BCE_KBO-0433439550 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0433439550
Dóchas - Irish Association of Non Governmental Development Organisations IE-CHY-6410 1 IE-CHY-6410
ECDPM NL-KVK-41077447 1 NL-KVK-41077447
Echos Communication BE-BCE_KBO-0443262185 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0443262185
Eclosio BE-BCE_KBO-0432503697 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0432503697
Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) TZ-TRA-101-091-759 1 TZ-TRA-101-091-759
Ecorys Nederland B.V. NL-KVK-24316726 1 NL-KVK-24316726
Ecorys UK GB-COH-01650169 1 GB-COH-01650169
Educate! US-EIN-84-1648607 1 US-EIN-84-1648607
Education Development Trust KE-RCO-270901 2 KE-KROS-270901 KE-RCO-270901
Edukans Foundation NL-KVK-32092131 1 NL-KVK-32092131
Emissa TR-MOI-27-019-074 2 TR-MOI-27-019-074 XI-IATI-27-019-074
Emmanuel International UK GB-CHC-289036 1 GB-CHC-289036
EMMS International GB-SC-SC032327 1 GB-SC-SC032327
Energy 4 Impact GB-CHC-1119168 1 GB-CHC-1119168
Energy Saving Trust GB-COH-02622374 1 GB-COH-02622374
Enfance Tiers Monde Kinderen Derde Wereld BE-BCE_KBO-0409451054 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0409451054
Engineers Without Borders Canada CA-CRA-89980-1815-RR0001 1 CA-CRA-89980-1815-RR0001
Enhanced Integrated Framework XM-DAC-1409 1 XM-DAC-1409
Entraide et Fraternité BE-BCE_KBO-0418015461 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0418015461
Environmental Centre for Oil Spills and Gas Flaring (NACGOND) NG-CAC-57289 1 NG-CAC-57289
equileap NL-KVK-65306198 1 NL-KVK-65306198
Ethical Trading Initiative GB-COH-3578127 1 GB-COH-3578127
Ethiopiaid UK GB-CHC-802353 1 GB-CHC-802353
Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) ET-MOT-020/4/007 2 ET-MOT-020/4/007 ET-MOT-0204007
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development XI-IATI-EBRD 1 XI-IATI-EBRD
European Commission - Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development XI-IATI-EC_DEVCO 1 XI-IATI-EC_DEVCO
European Commission - Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection XI-IATI-EC_ECHO 2 XI-IATI-EC_ECHO null
European Commission - Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations XI-IATI-EC_NEAR 1 XI-IATI-EC_NEAR
European Commission - Service for Foreign Policy Instruments XI-IATI-EC_FPI 1 XI-IATI-EC_FPI
European Institute of Peace BE-BCE_KBO-0550758080 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0550758080
European Investment Bank XM-DAC-918-3 1 XM-DAC-918-3
European Journalism Centre NL-KVK-41078390 1 NL-KVK-41078390
EveryChild GB-CHC-1089879 1 GB-CHC-1089879
Excellent Development GB-CHC-1094478 1 GB-CHC-1094478
Exeter Ethiopia Link GB-CHC-1154085 1 GB-CHC-1154085
Fair Wear Foundation NL-KVK-34111374 1 NL-KVK-34111374
Fairfood International NL-KVK-34141098 1 NL-KVK-34141098
Fairtrade Belgium BE-BCE_KBO-0441988715 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0441988715
Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International e.V. DE-AG-VR7795 1 DE-AG-VR7795
Faith to Action Network KE-NCB-2180511403539790 1 KE-NCB-2180511403539790
Family Aids Caring Trust ZW-PVO-WO1789 1 ZW-PVO-WO1789
Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia ET-CSA-0475 1 ET-CSA-0475
Family Life Education Program UG-NGB-1826 1 UG-NGB-1826
Farm Africa GB-COH-01926828 1 GB-COH-01926828
Farm Concern International KE-RCO-C110031 1 KE-RCO-C110031
Fauna & Flora International GB-COH-0277068 1 GB-COH-0277068
Federation of Women Lawyers Kenya KE-NCB-218/051/93132/90 1 KE-NCB-218/051/93132/90
Feed the Minds GB-CHC-291333 1 GB-CHC-291333
FHI360 US-EIN-237413005 1 US-EIN-237413005
FIAN Belgium BE-BCE_KBO-0432622077 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0432622077
Find Your Feet GB-CHC-250456 1 GB-CHC-250456
Finland - Ministry for Foreign Affairs FI-3 1 FI-3
FMO NL-KVK-27078545 1 NL-KVK-27078545
FONCABA ASBL KBA VZW BE-BCE_KBO-0409597544 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0409597544
Fondation Hirondelle CH-FDJP-CHE109947366 1 CH-FDJP-f7f0b51e-7432-4c0c-a6c0-7df1101d7983
Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres NI-MIGOB-3602 1 NI-MIGOB-3602
Fonds voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking - Socialistische Solidariteit VZW BE-BCE_KBO-0432552989 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0432552989
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) XM-DAC-41301 1 XM-DAC-41301
Food for the Hungry UK GB-CHC-328273 1 GB-CHC-328273
Forests Monitor GB-COH-3008440 1 GB-COH-3008440
Forum Universitaire pour la Coopération Internationale au Développement -FUCID ASBL BE-BCE_KBO-0416934803 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0416934803
France - Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs FR-6 3 FR-6 FR-SIREN-110-006-012 null
FRANK Water GB-CHC-1121273 1 GB-CHC-1121273
Free a Girl NL-KVK-34308169 1 NL-KVK-34308169
Free Press Unlimited NL-KVK-52957535 1 NL-KVK-52957535
Freedom Forum NP-DAO-27-127/062/063 1 NP-DAO-27-127/062/063
Friends of Kipkelion GB-CHC-1142476 1 GB-CHC-1142476
Friends of Publish What You Fund US-EIN-47-4128047 1 US-EIN-47-4128047
Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland GB-CHC-281681 1 GB-CHC-281681
Friends of the Earth International NL-KVK-40535338 1 NL-KVK-40535338
Friends of the Earth-Ghana GH-DSW-258 1 GH-DSW-258
Frontline AIDS GB-CHC-1038860 1 GB-CHC-1038860
Fundacion Acceso CR-RPJ-3-006-125548 1 CR-RPJ-3-006-125548
Fundación Fondo Mujeres del Sur AR-CENOC-16969-A 1 XI-IATI-359A08
Fundación Oriéntame CO-RUE-860049972 2 CO-CCB-CO-RUE-860049972 CO-RUE-860049972
Fundo de Investimento e Patrimonio do Abastecimento de Água (FIPAG) MZ-NUIT-600000381 1 MZ-NUIT-600000381
Gavi, the vaccine alliance 47122 2 47122 XM-DAC-47122
GEF Secretariat XI-BRIDGE-6385676864 2 XI-BRIDGE-6385676864 XI-IATI-XI-BRIDGE-6385676864
GEMS Education Solutions GB-COH-07669775 1 GB-COH-07669775
Gender Links ZA-CIPC-2001/005850/08 1 ZA-CIPC-2001/005850/08
Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining CH-FDJP-CHE109506789 1 CH-FDJP-CHE109506789
GEOMOUN ASBL BE-BCE_KBO-0472089102 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0472089102
Germany - Federal Foreign Office XM-DAC-5-7 1 XM-DAC-5-7
Germany - Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development DE-1 1 DE-1
Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage GB-CHC-1154230 1 GB-CHC-1154230
Girls’ Education Challenge – Fund Manager PwC GB-COH-03580586-GEC 2 GB-COH-03580586 GB-COH-03580586-GEC
Giro555 (Stichting Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties) NL-KVK-27302841 1 NL-KVK-27302841
GiveDirectly US-EIN-27-1661997 1 US-EIN-27-1661997
Global Action Nepal NP-SWC-13712 1 NP-SWC-13712
Global Alliance for TB Drug Development US-EIN-13-4128413 1 US-EIN-13-4128413
Global Canopy GB-CHC-1089110 1 GB-CHC-1089110
Global Focus DK-CVR-35429867 1 DK-CVR-35429867
Global Fund to End Modern Slavery US-EIN-47-3594688 1 US-EIN-47-3029807
Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) XM-DAC-47136 1 XM-DAC-47136
Global Innovation Fund GB-CHC-1171353 1 GB-CHC-1171353
Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) NL-KVK-41214768 1 NL-KVK-41214768
Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) GB-COH-SC349355 1 GB-COH-SC349355
Global Partnership for Education XM-DAC-47501 1 XM-DAC-44101
Global Rights Compliance NL-KVK-70048436 1 NL-KVK-70048436
GlobalGiving.org US-EIN-300108263 1 US-EIN-300108263
GOAL GB-CHC-1107403 1 GB-CHC-1107403
GOGLA - Global Off-Grid Lighting Association NL-KVK-62066064 1 NL-KVK-62066064
GPPAC Foundation NL-KVK-41217404 1 NL-KVK-41217404
Groupe Pivot Santé Population ML-NIF-082208943A 1 ML-NIF-082208943A
Grow Movement GB-CHC-1139083 1 GB-CHC-1139083
Gulu University XI-GRID-grid.442626.0 1 XI-IATI-XI-GRID-grid.442626.0
Guttmacher Institute US-EIN-13-2890727 1 US-EIN-13-2890727
Hagar International UK GB-CHC-1143852 1 GB-CHC-1143852
Haiti Hospital Appeal GB-CHC-1117528 1 GB-CHC-1117528
Hand in Hand International GB-CHC-1113868 1 GB-CHC-1113868
Handicap International Belgique BE-BCE_KBO-0432235661 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0432235661
Handicap International Federation FR-RCS-519655997 1 FR-RCS-519655997
Handicap International UK GB-CHC-1082565 3 FR-PDR-W691075333 GB-CHC-1082565 XI-IATI-W691075333
HE Foundation NL-KVK-58183167 1 NL-KVK-58183167
Health Insurance Fund NL-KVK-34234456 1 NL-KVK-34234456
Health Poverty Action GB-CHC-1837621 1 GB-CHC-1837621
HealthNet TPO NL-KVK-41211943 1 NL-KVK-41211943
HealthProm GB-COH-4887855 1 GB-COH-4887855
Healthright International-Kenya KE-NCB-218051200501953650 1 KE-NCB-218051200501953650
Heartland Alliance International US-EIN-30-0739799 1 US-EIN-US-EIN-300739799
Heifer International South Africa ZA-NPO-013484 1 ZA-NPO-013484
Heifer Nederland NL-KVK-20093733 1 NL-KVK-20093733
HelpAge International GB-COH-1762840 1 GB-COH-1762840
HelpAge International UK GB-CHC-1128267-8 1 GB-CHC-1128267-8
Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation CH-FDJP-CHE105834763 1 CH-FDJP-CHE105834763
HiiL innovating Justice NL-KVK-27290536 1 NL-KVK-27290536
Hilfswerk Austria Zimbabwe XI-IATI-035026724 2 AT-LPD-035026724 XI-IATI-035026724
Hivos NL-KVK-41198677 1 NL-KVK-41198677
HM Treasury GB-GOV-2 1 GB-GOV-2
Homeless International GB-CHC-1017255 1 GB-CHC-1017255
Hope and Homes for Children GB-CHC-1089490 1 GB-CHC-1089490
Hope for Children GB-CHC-1161729 1 GB-CHC-1161729
Horizons for Green Development JO-CCD-200138796 1 JO-CCD-200138796
Hospice Africa Ltd GB-CHC-1024903 1 GB-CHC-1024903
HTSPE GB-COH-06407873 1 GB-COH-06407873
Human Relief Foundation GB-CHC-1126281 1 GB-CHC-1126281
Humanitarian Quality Assurance Initiative CH-FDJP-258577051 1 CH-FDJP-258577051
I Choose Life Africa KE-NGC-3372 1 KE-NGC-3372
ICA:UK GB-CHC-1090745 1 GB-CHC-1090745
ICCO Cooperation NL-KVK-56484038 1 NL-KVK-56484038
ICF Consulting Services Ltd GB-COH-04161656 1 GB-CH-4161656
ICS NL-KVK-41188664 1 NL-KVK-41188664
iDE US-EIN-23-2220051 1 US-EIN-23-2220051
IDEO.org US-EIN-27-3755556 1 US-EIN-27-3755556
IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative NL-KVK-53521129 1 NL-KVK-53521129
IDinsight US-EIN-27-4933181 1 US-EIN-27-49-33181
IFOAM - Organics International DE-CR-BonnVR8726 1 DE-CR-BonnVR8726
IHE Delft Institute for Water Education NL-KVK-41146484 1 NL-KVK-41146484
Iles de Paix BE-BCE_KBO-0408908151 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0408908151
IMA World Health US-EIN-522112460 1 US-EIN-522112460
IMC WORLDWIDE GB-COH-02651349 1 GB-COH-02651349
IMD Moçambique MZ-MOJ-100717344 1 MZ-MOJ-100717344
Impunity Watch NL-KVK-30238214 1 NL-KVK-30238214
Index Initiative Foundation NL-KVK-70292388 1 NL-KVK-70292388
Indigo Trust GB-CHC-1075920 1 GB-CHC-1075920
Instiglio US-EIN-45-5015494 1 US-EIN-45-5015494
Institut de Formation Syndical International - Internationaal Syndicaal Vormingsinstituut BE-BCE_KBO-0453072647 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0453072647
Institut National de l'Eau, Benin BJ-IFU-4201710116446 1 BJ-IFU-4201710116446
Institute for International Workers Education BE-BCE_KBO-0445412518 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0445412518
Institute for Security Studies ZA-NPO-006-981 1 ZA-NPO-006-981
Institute for War & Peace Reporting GB-CHC-1027201 1 GB-CHC-1027201
Institute of Development Studies GB-COH-877338 1 GB-COH-877338
Institute of Tropical Medicine BE-BCE_KBO-0410057701 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0410057701
Integrity Action GB-COH-4884328 1 GB-COH-4884328
Integrity Research and Consultancy Ltd GB-COH-07321996 1 GB-COH-07321996
Inter-American Development Bank XI-IATI-IADB 2 IADB XI-IATI-IADB
Interact Worldwide GB-CHC-1001698 1 GB-CHC-1001698
InterAction US-EIN-13-3287064 1 US-EIN-13-3287064
InterAction's NGO Aid Map US-EIN-13-3287064NAM 1 US-EIN-13-3287064NAM
interburns GB-CHC-1122299 1 GB-CHC-1122299
InterClimate Network GB-COH-06587734 1 GB-COH-06587734
International Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) US-EIN-13-3870223 1 US-EIN-13-3870223
International Alert GB-COH-2153193 2 GB-COH-2153193 GB-COH-21531930
International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) NL-KVK-41197411 1 NL-KVK-41197411
International Center for Not-for-Profit Law US-EIN-52-1818273 1 US-EIN-52-1818273
International Center for Transitional Justice US-EIN-11-3580024 1 US-EIN-11-3580024
International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe) KE-KRA-P051097200R 1 KE-KRA-P051097200R
International Child Development Initiatives NL-KVK-41169161 1 NL-KVK-41169161
International Climate Initiative / BMU - IKI Secretariat XI-IATI-IKI 1 XI-IATI-IKI
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) XM-DAC-21016 1 XM-DAC-21016
International Council of Voluntary Agencies CH-FDJP-CHE100871337 1 CH-FDJP-CHE100871337
International Crisis Group US-EIN-52-5170039 1 US-EIN-52-5170039
International Development Law Organization (IDLO) XM-DAC-47059 1 XM-DAC-47059
International Federation of Accountants CH-FDJP-CHE102197003 1 CH-FDJP-CHE102197003
International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) XM-DAC-21018 1 XM-DAC-21018
International Fertilizer Development Center US-EIN-63-0676451 1 US-EIN-63-0676451
International Finance Corporation XM-DAC-903 1 XM-DAC-903
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) XM-DAC-41108 1 XM-DAC-41108
International IDEA XM-DAC-47058 1 XM-DAC-47058
International Indigenous Women Forum PE-SUNARP-12623829 1 PE-SUNARP-12623829
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation US-EIN-262681792 0
International Labour Organization (ILO) XM-DAC-41302 1 XM-DAC-41302
International Media Support dk-cvr-26487013 1 DK-CVR-26487013
International Medical Corps UK GB-CHC-1093861 1 GB-CHC-1093861
International Monetary Fund XM-DAC-43000 1 XM-DAC-43000
International Network for Advancing Science and Policy GB-CHC-1106349 1 GB-CHC-1106349
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) XM-DAC-47064 1 XI-PB-402
International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) GB-COH-08828458 1 GB-COH-08828458
International NGO Safety Orgnisation GB-CHC-1140276 1 GB-CHC-1140276
International Organization for Migration (IOM) XM-DAC-47066 1 XM-DAC-47066
International Planned Parenthood Federation GB-CHC-229476 2 GB-CHC-21023 GB-CHC-229476
International Potato Center XM-DAC-47021 1 XM-DAC-47021
International Procurement Agency NL-KVK-32037590 1 NL-KVK-32037590
International Rescue Committee UK GB-CHC-1065972 1 GB-CHC-1065972
International Service GB-CHC-1069182 1 GB-CHC-1069182
International Trade Centre (ITC) XM-DAC-45001 1 XM-DAC-45001
International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) BW-CIPA-CO20151011 1 BW-CIPA-CO20151011
International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources XM-DAC-30011 1 XM-DAC-30011
International Women's Development Agency AU-ACNC-19242959685 1 AU-ACNC-19242959685
Internews Europe GB-CHC-1148404 1 GB-CHC-1148404
Interpeace CH-FDJP-CHE109994012 1 CH-FDJP-CHE109994012
INTOSAI Development Initiative NO-BRC-980997278 1 NO-BRC-980997278
INTRAC GB-CHC-1016676 1 GB-CHC-1016676
IntraHealth International US-EIN-550825466 1 US-EIN-550825466
IOD PARC GB-COH-03613839 1 GB-COH-03613839
iPartner India GB-CHC-1114944 1 GB-CHC-1114944
Ipas US-EIN-56-1071085 1 US-EIN-56-1071085
IPE Global Limited IN-MCA-U74140DL1998PLC097579 2 IN-MCA-U74140DL1998PLC097579 XI-IATI-IN-MCA-U74140DL1998PLC097579
Iraq Foundation US-EIN-521750875 1 US-EIN-521750875
IRC NL-KVK-41151952 1 NL-KVK-41151952
Ireland - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade XM-DAC-21-1 1 XM-DAC-21-1
IREX (International Research and Exchange Board) US-EIN-22-3087809 1 US-EIN-22-3087809
Iringa Development of Youth, Disabled and Children Care TZ-TRA-102316134 1 TZ-TRA-102-316-134
Irise International GB-CHC-1157722 1 GB-CHC-1157722
Irrawaddy Policy Exchange JE-FSC-NPO_1108 1 JE-FSC-NPO_1108
Islamic Relief Worldwide GB-CHC-328158 1 GB-CHC-328158
Itad GB-COH-1869600 1 GB-COH-1869600
ITECO - Centre de formation pour le développement BE-BCE_KBO-0415499795 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0415499795
IUCN Nederlands Comité NL-KVK-41180885 1 NL-KVK-41180885
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) XM-DAC-701-8 1 XM-DAC-701-8
Jeevika Trust GB-CHC-291167 1 GB-CHC-291167
Johns Hopkins University US-EIN-52-0595110 1 US-EIN-52-0595110
Joshua Orphan and Community Care GB-CHC-1114727 1 GB-CHC-1114727
Just Associates US-EIN-06-1597-668 1 US-EIN-06-1597-668
Kadaster International NL-KVK-08215619-201210000 2 NL-KVK-08215619-201210000 null
Karuna Mission Social Solidarity - KMSS MM-MHA-1/Local/0047 1 MM-MHA-1/Local/0047
Karuna Trust GB-CHC-327461 1 GB-CHC-327461
Kenya National Commission on Human Rights KE-KRA-P051155108P 1 KE-KRA-P051155108P
Kepa ry FI-PRO-143138 1 FI-PRO-143138
Kesho Kenya KE-NCB-218/051/15179/10159 1 KE-NCB-218/051/15179/10159
kidasha GB-CHC-1106156 1 GB-CHC-1106156
King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre XM-OCHA-HPC6770 1 XM-OCHAS-HPC6770
King's College London GB-COH-RC000297 1 GB-COH-RC000297
Kisumu Medical and Education Trust KE-KRA-P051119468K 1 KE-KRA-P051119468K
KIYO BE-BCE_KBO-0416867297 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0416867297
Koepel van de Vlaamse Noord-Zuidbeweging 11.11.11 VZW BE-BCE_KBO-0421210424 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0421210424
Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut NL-KVK-30276595 1 NL-KVK-30276595
KPMG East Africa TZ-BRLA-36057 1 TZ-BRLA-36057
KPMG LLP GB-COH-OC301540 1 GB-COH-OC301540
KwaAfrica GB-CHC-1054369 1 GB-CHC-1054369
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology XI-GRID-grid.9829.a 1 XI-GRID-grid.9829.a
LAMB Health Care Foundation GB-CHC-1101217 1 GB-CHC-1101217
Landell Mills GB-COH-1574821 1 GB-COH-1574821
Larive International NL-KVK-30157019 1 NL-KVK-30157019
Le Monde selon les femmes asbl BE-BCE_KBO-0430826290 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0430826290
LEAD International GB-COH-4075590 1 GB-COH-4075590
Learning for Life GB-CHC-1105277 1 GB-CHC-1105277
Leonard Cheshire Disability GB-CHC-218186 1 GB-CHC-218186
Lepra GB-CHC-213251 1 GB-CHC-213251
Light For The World Belgium BE-BCE_KBO-0460240749 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0460240749
LIGHT FOR THE WORLD The Netherlands NL-KVK-41180500 1 NL-KVK-41180500
Link Community Development International GB-CHC-1048007 1 GB-CHC-1048007
Link Community Development Scotland GB-SC-SC037959 1 GB-SC-SC037959
Lithuania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs XM-DAC-84 1 XM-DAC-84
Lively Minds GB-CHC-1125512 1 GB-CHC-1125512
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine GB-CHC-222655 1 GB-CHC-222655
Living Earth Foundation GB-CHC-800672 1 GB-CHC-800672
living peace institute XI-IATI-LPI 1 XI-IATI-LPI
LIWA programme trust KE-KRA-P051542095J 1 KE-KRA-p051542095j
Local Development and Small Projects Support TR-MOI-27-018-163 1 TR-MOI-27-018-163
Louvain Coopération BE-BCE_KBO-0422717486 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0422717486
LTS International Limited GB-COH-SC100833 1 GB-COH-SC100833
MADE in Europe GB-COH-1134415 1 GB-COH-1134415
MAG GB-CHC-1083008 1 GB-CHC-1083008
Magariro MZ-MOJ-F2G1No4 0
Mainline NL-KVK-41209946 1 NL-KVK-41209946
Malaria Consortium GB-CHC-1099776 1 GB-CHC-1099776
Mama Cash NL-KVK-41202535 1 NL-KVK-41202535
MAMTA - Health Institute for Mother and Child IN- 1 mam_in
MannionDaniels GB-COH-04105827 1 GB-COH-04105827
MapAction GB-CHC-1126727 1 GB-CHC-1126727
Marie Stopes International GB-COH-1102208 1 GB-COH-1102208
marysmeals GB-SC-SCO45223 1 GB-SC-SCO45223
Mastercard Foundation CA-CRA_ACR-817387277 1 CA-CRA_ACR-817387277
Max Foundation NL-KVK-34219433 1 NL-KVK-34219433
Maxwell Stamp PLC GB-COH-00637978 1 GB-COH-00637978
McKinsey & Company GB-COH-FC012665 1 GB-COH-FC012665
MDF Global NL-KVK-56821743 1 NL-KVK-56821743
Medair CH-FDJP-106064950 1 CH-FDJP-106064950
Medecins du Monde Belgique - Dokters van de Wereld Belgïe BE-BCE_KBO-0460162753 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0460162753
Medecins du Monde France FR-INSEE-32101874900127 1 FR-INSEE-32101874900127
Medical Research Centre (MRC), Sierra Leone SL-NRA-1001562-8 1 SL-NRA-1001562-8
Memisa BE-BCE_KBO-0435563751 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0435563751
Meningitis Research Foundation GB-CHC-1091105 1 GB-CHC-1091105
Mensen met een Missie NL-KVK-41149831 1 NL-KVK-41149831
Mercy Corps Europe GB-SC-SC030289 1 GB-SC-SC030289
Mercy Corps Global US-EIN-91-1148123 1 US-EIN-911148123
Mercy Corps Netherlands NL-KVK-70333564 1 NL-KVK-70333564
MICAIA GB-CHC-1120413 1 GB-CHC-1120413
Micro Insurance Academy IN-ITA-1886 1 IN-ITA-1886
MicroLoan Foundation GB-CHC-1104287 1 GB-CHC-1104287
Miel Maya Honing asbl BE-BCE_KBO-0415426155 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0415426155
Mifumi UK GB-CHC-1038785 1 GB-CHC-1038785
Milieudefensie NL-KVK-40530467 1 NL-KVK-40530467
Millennium Challenge Corporation US-18 1 US-18
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - United Arab Emirates (UAE) XM-DAC-576 1 XM-DAC-576
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan XM-DAC-701-2 1 XM-DAC-701-2
Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic XM-DAC-69-1 15 XM-DAC-69-00 XM-DAC-69-01 XM-DAC-69-02 XM-DAC-69-03 XM-DAC-69-04 XM-DAC-69-05 XM-DAC-69-1 XM-DAC-69-18 XM-DAC-69-2 XM-DAC-69-3 XM-DAC-69-30 XM-DAC-69-4 XM-DAC-69-5 XM-DAC-69-50 XM-DAC-69-99
Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances du Bénin XM-DAC-236 1 XM-DAC-236
Minority Rights Group GB-CHC-282305 1 GB-CHC-282305
Mission Øst DK-CVR-14723692 1 DK-CVR-14723692
Mondiaal FNV NL-KvK-41177601 1 NL-KVK-41177601
mothers2mothers ZA-NPO-025-359 1 ZA-NPO-025-359
Motivation GB-CHC-1079358 1 GB-CHC-1079358
Mott MacDonald Limited GB-COH-1110949 1 GB-COH-1110949
Mukisa Foundation UG-NGB-0498 1 UG-NGB-0498
Mulanje Mission Hospital MW-MRA-20125995 1 MW-MRA-20125995
Multilateral Investment Fund XI-IATI-MIF 1 XI-IATI-MIF
Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation IL-RA-580166452 1 IL-RA-580166452
Muslim Aid GB-CHC-295224 2 GB-CHC-1176462 GB-CHC-295224
MVO Nederland NL-KVK-30195730 1 NL-KVK-30195730
Mzumbe University XI-GRID-grid.442465.5 1 XI-GRID-grid.442465.5
Médecins Sans Vacances BE-BCE_KBO-0448723978 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0448723978
Namati, Inc US-EIN-45-2796201 1 US-EIN-45-2796201
Nathan Associates London Ltd. GB-COH-02768268 1 GB-COH-02768268
National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders - Kenya KE-KRA-P051502549C 1 KE-KRA-P051502549C
Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) US-EIN-20-4451390 1 US-EIN-20-4451390
Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich. GB-COH-00986729 1 GB-COH-00986729
Near East Foundation (NEF USA) US-EIN-13-1624114 1 US-EIN-13-1624114
Near East Foundation Mali (NEF Mali) ML-NIF-055000335T 1 ML-NIF-055000335T
Near East Foundation UK (NEF UK) GB-CHC-1150993 1 GB-CHC-1150993
Neem Foundation NG-CAC-83813 1 NG-CAC-83813
Nepal Disabled Human Rights Center NP-SWC-10136 1 NP-SWC-10136
Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh NP-SWC-24 1 NP-SWC-24
Netherlands - Ministry of Foreign Affairs XM-DAC-7 1 XM-DAC-7
Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment NL-KVK-41185216 1 NL-KVK-41185216
Netherlands Enterprise Agency NL-KVK-27378529 1 NL-KVK-27378529
Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) NL-KVK-27189542 1 NL-KVK-27189542
Netherlands Leprosy Relief NL-KVK-41199723 1 NL-KVK-41199723
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) NL-KVK-27367015 1 NL-KVK-27367015
Netherlands Red Cross NL-KVK-40409352 1 NL-KVK-40409352
Netherlands Space Office XI-IATI-NSO 1 XI-IATI-NSO
Network for Africa GB-CHC-1120932 1 GB-CHC-1120932
Network For Enterprise Enhancement and Development Support IN-MHA-337680017 1 IN-MHA-337680017
New Zealand - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade - New Zealand Aid Programme NZ-1 2 NZ-1 XI-IATI-NZ-1
NGO Federation of Nepal NP-DAO-27-689/063/064 1 NP-DAO-27-689/063/064
Ngo-federatie (Vlaamse federatie van ngo's voor ontwikkelingssamenwerking) BE-BCE_KBO-0449400604 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0449400604
Niger Delta Stakeholders Initiative for Community Development and Empowerment NG-CAC-73022 1 NG-CAC-73022
Nonviolent Peaceforce South Sudan SS-RRC-004 1 SS-RRC-004
Norad - Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation NO-BRC-971277882 1 NO-BRC-971277882
Northern Network for Education Development GH-DSW-2000 1 GH-DSW-2000
Northern Rangelands Trust KE-KRA-P051311853T 1 KE-KRA-P051311853T
Norwegian People's Aid NO-BRC-871033552 1 NO-BRC-871033552
Norwegian Refugee Council NO-BRC-977538319 1 NO-BRC-977538319
NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance NL-KVK-56185154 1 NL-KVK-56185154
Nuffic NL-KVK-41150085 1 NL-KVK-41150085
OCHA Country Based Pooled Funds XM-OCHA-CBPF 1 XM-OCHA-CBPF
ODI Sales Limited GB-COH-07157505 1 GB-COH-07157505
OECD XM-DAC-47080 1 XM-DAC-47080
Okapi Consulting ZA-CIP-2005-028883-23 1 XI-IATI-ZA-CIP-2005-028883-23
Omidyar Network Fund Inc. US-EIN-20-1173866 1 US-EIN-20-1173866
One Acre Fund US-DOS-64562614 1 US-DOS-64562614
One to One Children's Fund GB-CHC-1086159 1 GB-CHC-1086159
One Young World GB-CHC-1147298 1 GB-CHC-1147298
ONG ALCRER BJ-IFU-6201200599008 1 BJ-IFU-6201200599008
openmindedly IM-CR-024714B 2 IM-CR-024714B
OpenNorth CA-CRA_ACR-805837713 1 CA-CRA_ACR-805837713
Opportunity International UK GB-COH-05322719 1 GB-COH-05322719
Options Consultancy Services GB-COH-2695347 1 GB-COH-2695347
Orbis Africa ZA-PBO-930040668 1 ZA-PBO-930040668
Orbis Charitable Trust GB-CHC-1061352 1 GB-CHC-1061352
Orbis Ethiopia ET-CSA-1063 1 ET-CSA-1063
Orbis International US-EIN-237297651 1 US-EIN-237297651
Overseas Development Institute GB-CHC-228248 1 GB-CHC-228248
Oxfam America US-EIN-23-7069110 1 US-EIN-23-7069110
Oxfam Australia AU-ACNC-18055208636 1 AU-ACNC-18055208636
Oxfam GB GB-CHC-202918 1 GB-CHC-202918
Oxfam IBIS DK-CVR-88136411 1 DK-CVR-88136411
Oxfam India IN-MCA-U74999DL2004NPL131340 2 IN-MCA-U74999DL2004NPL131340 oxfam_india
Oxfam Intermón ES-CIF-G-8236803 1 ES-CIF-G-8236803
Oxfam Novib NL-KVK-27108436 1 NL-KVK-27108436
Oxfam Solidarité-Solidariteit BE-BCE_KBO-0408643875 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0408643875
Oxfam Wereldwinkels BE-BCE_KBO-0415365777 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0415365777
Oxfam-Magasins du monde (omdm) BE-BCE_KBO-0416486821 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0416486821
Oxford Policy Management GB-COH-03122495 2 GB-COH-03122495 GB-COH-3122495
Pact US-EIN-13-2702768 1 US-EIN-13-2702768
Palladium International Ltd (UK) GB-COH-2394229 2 GB-COH-02394229 GB-COH-2394229
Palliative Care Association of Malawi MW-NBM-NGO/L/18/024 1 MW-NBM-NGO/L/18/024
Palliative Care Support Trust MW-RG-2977 1 MW-RG-2977
Panos Institute West Africa (PIWA) SN-NINEA-621108990A0 1 SN-NINEA-621108990A0
Partnership for African Social & Governance Research (PASGR) KE-RCO-CPR/2011/63463 1 KE-RCO-CPR/2011/63463
partos NL-KVK-34214586 2 NL-KVK-34214586 null
Pastoralist Girls Initiative KE-NCB-KENCBOP218051200802235390 1 KE-NCB-KENCBOP218051200802235390
PATH US-EIN-91-1157127 1 US-EIN-91-1157127
PAX NL-KVK-30214009 2 EIGEN NL-KVK-30214009
Peace Direct GB-CHC-1123241 1 GB-COH-1123241
PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) GB-CHC-1126550 2 GB-CHC-1126550 null
Penal Reform International GB-COH-04154075 1 GB-COH-04154075
People In Aid GB-CHC-1078768 1 GB-CHC-1078768
People in Need CZ-ICO-25755277 1 CZ-ICO-25755277
PHASE Nepal NP-DAO-531/062/063 1 NP-DAO-531/062/063
PHASE Worldwide GB-CHC-1112734 1 GB-CHC-1112734
Plan International Belgium BE-BCE_KBO-0425420917 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0425420917
Plan International Finland FI-PRO-1498487-2 1 FI-PRO-1498487-2
Plan International Netherlands NL-KVK-41198890 1 NL-KVK-41198890
Plan International UK GB-COH-1364201 1 GB-COH-1364201
Plan International USA US-IRS-13-5661832 1 US-IRS-13-5661832
Plan Ireland Charitable Assistance Limited IE-CHY-15037 1 IE-CHY-15037
PlanBørnefonden DK-CVR-20356731 1 DK-CVR-20356731
Plataforma Moçambicana da Água (PLAMA) MZ-NUIT-700179850 1 MZ-NUIT-700179850
PONT GB-CHC-1125948 1 GB-CHC-1125948
Pontis Foundation SK-ZRSR-31784828 1 SK-ZRSR-31784828
Population Media Center US-EIN-030358029 1 US-EIN-030358029
Population Service International 21032 1 XI-IATI-21032
Population Services and Training Centre (PSTC) BD-NAB-1102 1 BD-NAB-1102
Population Services Kenya KE-NCB-2180511304359047 1 KE-NCB-2180511304359047
PositiveNegatives GB-COH-08212556 1 GB-COH-08212556
Power International GB-CHC-1059996 1 GB-CHC-1059996
PRACTICA Foundation NL-KVK-09119363 1 NL-KVK-09119363
Practical Action GB-COH-871954 1 GB-COH-871954
Pragya India IN-AR-775 1 IN-AR-775
PRI Association GB-COH-7207947 1 GB-COH-7207947
PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited India IN-MCA-U74140WB1983PTC036093 1 IN-MCA-U74140WB1983PTC036093
Prince Claus Fund NL-KVK-41159889 1 NL-KVK-41159889
Private Infrastructure Development Group XM-DAC-47086 1 XM-DAC-47086
Progressio GB-CHC-294329 2 GB-CHC-294329 null
Project Harar GB-CHC-1094272 1 GB-CHC-1094272
Promundo-US US-EIN-26-1931968 1 US-EIN-26-1931968
Protecting Families Against HIV/AIDS UG-NGB-63360 1 UG-NGB-63360
Protos BE-BCE_KBO-0417299047 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0417299047
Publish What You Fund GB-COH-07676886 1 GB-COH-07676886
PUM Netherlands NL-KVK-41160229 1 NL-KVK-41160229
Pump Aid GB-CHC-1077889 1 GB-CHC-1077889
PwC GB-COH-03580586 1 GB-COH-03580586
Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development JO-MSD-2013011100066 1 JO-MSD-2013011100066
Quinoa BE-BCE_KBO-0445741823 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0445741823
Rahnuma-Family Planning Assocation of Pakistan PK-MSW-633-1965 1 PK-MSW-633-1965
Railway Children GB-CHC-1058991 1 GB-CHC-1058991
Railway Children Africa TZ-TRA-110-664-087 1 TZ-TRA-110-664-087
RAIN Foundation (former) NL-KVK-34200988 (deprecated) 1 NL-KVK-34200988
Rainforest Alliance US-EIN-13-3377893 1 US-EIN-13-3377893
Rainforest Foundation UK GB-CHC-1138287 1 GB-CHC-1138287
Raleigh International GB-CHC-1047653 1 GB-CHC-1047653
RCN Justice & Démocratie BE-BCE_KBO-0454555163 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0454555163
Reach A Hand Uganda UG-NGB-12317 1 UG-NGB-12317
Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre NL-KVK-27267681 1 NL-KVK-27267681
Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems GH-DSW-1103 1 GH-DSW-1103
Rehabilitation, Education and Community Health (REACH) IQ-NGO-1Z2634 1 IQ-NGO-1Z2634
Relief International - Somalia KE-NCB-OP-218-051-2007-0183-4781 1 KE-NCB-OP-218-051-2007-0183-4781
Relief International UK GB-CHC-1098106 1 GB-CHC-1098106
Republic of Korea KR-GOV-021 1 KR-GOV-021
Resilience NL-KVK-09181221 1 NL-KVK-09181221
Resource Extraction Monitoring GB-COH-4905100 1 GB-COH-4905100
Responsible Mining Foundation CH-FDJP-CHE232974628 1 CH-FDJP-CHE23974628
Restless Development GB-CHC-1127488 1 GB-CHC-1127488
Results for Development US-EIN-20-8530747 1 US-EIN-20-8530747
Retrak GB-CHC-1122799 1 GB-CHC-1122799
Right to Play Netherlands Foundation NL-KVK-24365461 1 NL-KVK-24365461
Rikolto BE-BCE_KBO-0662878501 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0662878501
Rikolto in Belgium BE-BCE_KBO-0420656336 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0420656336
Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen Internationaal vzw BE-BCE_KBO-0461634084 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0461634084
Rojiroti UK GB-CHC-1147083 1 GB-CHC-1147083
Romania Ministry of Foreign Affairs XM-DAC-77 0
Rotary Clubs For Development BE-BCE_KBO-0419189557 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0419189557
Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) GB-CHC-223106 1 GB-CHC-223106
Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists GB-CHC-213280 1 GB-CHC-213280
Royal Commonwealth Ex-Sevices League GB-CHC-1174874 1 GB-CHC-1174874
Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) GB-CHC-209603 1 GB-CHC-209603
Royal Netherlands Football Association NL-KVK-40478591 1 NL-KVK-40478591
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds GB-CHC-207076 1 GB-CHC-207076
Royal Tropical Institute NL-KVK-33185213 1 NL-KVK-33185213
RUAF Foundation NL-KVK-32102434 1 NL-KVK-32102434
Rutgers NL-KVK-41193594 1 NL-KVK-41193594
Sabre Education Limited GB-CHC-1105489 1 GB-CHC-1105489
Saferworld GB-CHC-1043843 1 GB-CHC-1043843
Samaritan's Purse UK GB-CHC-1001349 1 GB-CHC-1001349
Savana Signatures GH-DSW-4711 1 GH-DSW-4711
Save the Children DK DK-CVR-63407216 1 DK-CVR-63407216
Save the Children International GB-CHC-1076822 1 GB-CHC-1076822
Save the Children Netherlands NL-KVK-41201463 1 NL-KVK-41201463
Save the Children UK GB-COH-213890 1 GB-COH-213890
SCI Projets Internationaux ASBL_Service Civil International branche belge BE-BCE_KBO-0410661673 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0410661673
Scotland's International Development Alliance GB-SC-SC035314 1 GB-SC-035314
Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF) GB-SC-SC012302 1 GB-SC-SC012302
Search for Common Ground (SFCG) BE-BCE_KBO-0453475391 2 BE-BCE_KBO-0453475391 BE-GTCF-0453475391
Seefar HK-CR-2091642 1 HK-CR-2091642
Sehat Kahani (Community Innovation Hub) PK-SEC-0105957 1 PK-SEC-0105957
Self Help Africa IE-CHY-6663 1 IE-CHY-6663
Send a Cow GB-CHC-299717 1 GB-CHC-299717
Send a Cow Ethiopia ET-CSA-0638 2 ET-CSA-0638 ET-MOT-0638
Send a Cow Kenya KE-NCB-2180511703310709 1 KE-NCB-2180511703310709
Send a Cow Uganda SACU 1 sacu
Sense International GB-CHC-1076497 2 GB-CHC-1076497 null
Sensorial Handicap Cooperation BE-BCE_KBO-0431955945 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0431955945
ShelterBox GB-CHC-1096479 1 GB-CHC-1096479
Shift Project Ltd. US-EIN-45-2779314 1 US-EIN-45-2779314
Shtrii Shakti NP-SWC-00589 1 NP-SWC-00589
Sightsavers GB-CHC-207544 1 GB-CHC-207544
Signal GB-CHC-1151615 1 GB-CHC-1151615
Silsab Foundation NG-CAC-1260478 1 NG-CAC-1260478
Simavi NL-KVK-40594571 1 NL-KVK-40594571
Simprints GB-COH-8835431 1 GB-COH-8835431
Siren Associates GB-COH-NI630024 1 GB-COH-NI630024
Small Arms Survey XM-DAC-30009 1 XM-DAC-30009
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation NL-KVK-41152786 1 NL-KVK-41152786
Social Development Direct Limited GB-COH-03846881 1 GB-COH-03846881
Social Fund for Development, Yemen XM-OCHA-FTS18563 2 XM-OCHA-FTS18563 YE-SFD
Social Impact Lab CIC GB-COH-7557881 1 GB-COH-7557881
Social Watch Benin BJ-IFU-6201101048400 1 BJ-IFU-6201101048400
Société Nationale des eaux du Bénin (SONEB) BJ-IFU-3200700033415 1 BJ-IFU-32000700033415
SolarNow Services (U) Ltd UG-RSB-80010003259159/105066 1 UG-RSB-80010003259159/105066
Solidagro BE-BCE_KBO-0410757386 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0410757386
Solidaridad NL-KVK-51756811 1 NL-KVK-51756811
Solidaridad Europe NL-KVK-41150939 1 NL-KVK-41150939
Solidaridad South & South-East Asia HK-CR-1494242 1 HK-CR-1494242
Solidaridad West Africa GH-DSW-5574 1 GH-DSW-5574
Solsoc BE-BCE_KBO-0432624255 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0432624255
Sonke Gender Justice ZA-PBO-064-502 1 ZA-PBO-064-502
SOS Children's Villages Kenya KE-NGCB-149 1 KE-NGCB-149
SOS Children's Villages The Netherlands NL-KVK-41197577 1 NL-KVK-41197577
SOS FAIM - SOS HUNGER BE-BCE_KBO-0425410524 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0425410524
SOS Kinderdorpen België / SOS Villages d'Enfants Belgique BE-BCE_KBO-0408628435 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0408628435
SOS Sahel International UK GB-COH-2100867 1 GB-COH-2100867
Sound Seekers Limited GB-COH-04354941 1 GB-COH-04354941
South Asian Women Development Forum NP-SWC-37725 1 NP-CRO-601371123
Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference Aids Office ZA-NPO-061-870 1 ZA-NPO-061-870
SouthSouthNorth ZA-NPO-048-364 1 ZA-NPO-048-364
Spain - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation ES-DIR3-E04585801 1 ES-DIR3-E04585801
Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) ES-DIR3-EA0035768 1 ES-DIR3-EA0035768
SPARK NL-KVK-41213450 1 NL-KVK-41213450
Special Hope Network US-EIN-26-3933134 1 US-EIN-26-3933134
Stakeholder Democracy Network GB-CHC-1148143 1 GB-CHC-1148143
Stars Foundation GB-CHC-1087997 1 GB-CHC-1087997
STC International NL-KVK-815165924 1 NL-KVK-815165924
Stichting ActionAId NL-KVK-41217595 1 NL-KVK-41217595
Stichting Aflatoun International NL-KVK-34229026 0
Stichting Agriterra NL-KVK-41048542 1 NL-KVK-41048542
Stichting Aidenvironment NL-KVK-41208024 1 NL-KVK-41208024
Stichting Beheer Subsidiegelden DRA NL-KVK-72849770 1 NL-KVK-72849770
Stichting Deltares NL-KVK-41146461 1 NL-KVK-41146461
Stichting fondsbeheer DGGF lokaal MKB NL-KVK-61172863 1 NL-KVK-61172863
Stichting Health Action International NL-KVK-41207580 1 NL-KVK-41207580
Stichting Humana NL-KVK-30285304 1 NL-KVK-30285304
Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland NL-KVK-41167934 1 NL-KVK-41167934
Stichting Liliane Fonds NL-KVK-41081480 1 NL-KVK-41081480
Stichting Mayday Rescue Foundation NL-KVK-855689493 1 NL-KVK-855689493
Stichting Nederlands Instituut voor Internationale Betrekkingen 'Clingendael' NL-KVK-41152832 1 NL-KVK-41152832
Stichting Onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen (SOMO) NL-KVK-41223308 1 NL-KVK-41223308
Stichting Red een Kind NL-KVK-41022454 1 NL-KVK-41022454
Stichting Vluchteling NL-KVK-41149486 1 NL-KVK-41149486
Stichting VU Amsterdam - Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies NL-KVK-53815211 1 NL-KVK-53815211
Stichting Woord en Daad NL-KVK-41118168 1 NL-KVK-41118168
Street Child GB-CHC-1128536 1 GB-CHC-1128536
StreetInvest GB-CHC-1127206 1 GB-CHC-1127206
Stromme Foundation XI-IATI-5914-1107 2 UG-NGB-5914-1107 XI-IATI-5914-1107
Studio Globo BE-BCE_KBO-0479866027 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0479866027
Support Trust for Africa Development (STAD) NL-KVK-27251823 1 NL-KVK-27251823
Survivors Fund (SURF) GB-CHC-1065705 1 GB-CHC-1065705
Sweden, through Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) SE-0 1 SE-0
Switzerland - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) CH-4 3 CH-4 XM-DAC-CH-4 CH-4
Sympany+ NL-KVK-30285304 1 NL-KVK-30285304
Syria Relief GB-CHC-1143797 1 GB-CHC-1143797
Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression FR-RCS-83764263600018 1 FR-INSEE-83764263600018
Tameer-e-Khalaq Foundation PK-VSWA-32-2004 1 PK-VSWA-32-2004
Target TB GB-CHC-1098752 1 GB-CHC-1098752
TB Alert GB-CHC-1071886 1 GB-CHC-1071886
Teach A Man To Fish GB-CHC-1112699 1 GB-CHC-1112699
TEAR fund Nederland NL-KVK-41177385 1 NL-KVK-41177385
Tearfund GB-CHC-265464 1 GB-CHC-265464
Tearfund VZW (TFBE) BE-BCE_KBO-0419872616 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0419872616
TechnoServe US-EIN-13-2626135 1 US-EIN-13-2626135
Terre des Hommes Netherlands NL-KVK-41149287 1 NL-KVK-41149287
Terre des hommes- Aide à l'enfance dans le monde- Fondation CH-FDJP-CHE106823242 1 CH-FDJP-CHE106823242
The Access to Nutrition Foundation NL-KVK-58279199 1 NL-KVK-58279199
The Asia Foundation US-EIN-941191246 3 US-AGO-941191246 US-EIN-941191246 null
The Carter Center US-EIN-58-1454716 1 US-EIN-58-1454716
the center for victimized women and children MW-CNM-C057/1998 1 MW-CNM-C057/1998
The Coca-Cola Export Corporation XI-IATI-1001 1 XI-IATI-1001
The Commonwealth Secretariat XI-IATI-CWSEC 1 XI-IATI-CWSEC
The Convention on Business Integrity NG-CAC-RC481360 1 NG-CAC-RC481360
The Foundation Center US-EIN-131837418 1 US-EIN-131837418
The Fred Hollows Foundation (UK) GB-CHC-1140288 1 GB-CHC-1140288
The Freedom Fund GB-COH-1158838 1 GB-COH-1158838
The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition 30001 1 30001
The Global Development Incubator, Inc US-EIN-14-1945286 1 US-EIN-14-1945286
The Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF) US-EIN-471065461 1 US-EIN-471065461
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 47045 1 47045
The HALO Trust GB-CHC-1001813 1 GB-CHC-1001813
The Hunger Project Netherlands NL-KVK-41201198 1 NL-KVK-41201198
The International Children's Trust GB-CHC-254781 1 GB-CHC-254781
The International Rescue Committee US-EIN-13-5660870 1 US-EIN-13-5660870
The Leprosy Mission England and Wales GB-CHC-1050327 1 GB-CHC-1050327
The Louis Berger Group Inc. US-EIN-22-1754524 1 US-EIN-22-1754524
The Mailman School of Public Health XI-BRIDGE-1812689272 1 XI-BRIDGE-1812689272
The MENTOR Initiative GB-COH-05126149 1 GB-COH-05126149
The National Association of Municipalities of Benin (ANCB) BJ-IFU-6201408024805 2 BJ-IFU-4201710012551 BJ-IFU-6201408024805
The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) XI-IATI-OFID 1 XI-IATI-OFID
The Open University GB-CHC-000391 1 GB-CHC-000391
The Population Council, Inc. US-EIN-13-1687001 1 US-EIN-13-1687001
The Power of Nutrition GB-COH-09288843 1 GB-COH-09288843
The Princess Alia Foundation JO-MSD-2009011100178 1 JO-MSD-2009011100178
The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust GB-CHC-1145640 1 GB-CHC-1145640
The Salvation Army International Development UK GB-CHC-214779 1 GB-CHC-214779
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) XM-DAC-41130 1 XM-DAC-41130
The University of Dodoma (UDOM), Tanzania XI-GRID-grid.442459.a 1 XI-GRID-grid.442459.a
The University of Manchester GB-COH-RC000797 1 GB-COH-RC000797
The University of Oxford GB-UKPRN-10007774 1 GB-UKPRN-10007774
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation US-EIN-941655673 1 US-EIN-941655673
The World Bank 44000 1 44000
Theatre for a Change Malawi MW-NBM-00139 1 MW-NBM-00139
Theatre for a Change UK GB-CHC-1104458 1 GB-CHC-1104458
Timidria NE-DGI-5355 1 NE-DGI-5355
TradeMark East Africa KE-RCO-CPR/2009/5689 1 KE-RCO-CPR/2009/5689
Traidcraft Exchange GB-COH-3031674 1 GB-COH-3031674
transforma CO-CCB-S0052181 1 XI-IATI-901057447-2
Transnational Institute NL-KVK-41201806 1 NL-KVK-41201806
Transparency International Bangladesh BD-NAB-1301 2 1301 BD-NAB-1301
Transparency International Kenya KE-RCO-84486 1 KE-RCO-84486
Transparency International Secretariat XM-DAC-21033 10 21033 21033-1.0744 21033-1.0792 21033-1.0931-2 21033-1.0931-3 21033-1.0941 21033-1.1053 21033-1.2001 21033-1.2008 XM-DAC-21033
Transparency International UK GB-CHC-1112842 1 GB-CHC-1112842
TREE AID GB-CHC-1135156 1 GB-CHC-1135156
Triangle Génération Humanitaire FR-RCS-40885667200030 1 FR-RCS-40885667200030
Trianglen DK-CVR-33985339 1 DK-CVR-33985339
Trias BE-BCE_KBO-0427736148 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0427736148
Triple Line GB-COH-03788027 1 GB-COH-03788027
Trocaire IE-CHY-20009601 1 IE-CHY-20009601
Trocaire (Northern Ireland) GB-COH-NI21482 1 GB-COH-NI21482
Tropenbos International NL-KVK-41155305 1 NL-KVK-41155305
Tropical Health and Education Trust GB-CHC-1113101 1 GB-CHC-1113101
Trust for Africa's Orphans GB-CHC-1069208 1 GB-CHC-1069208
Twaweza TZ-BRE-63966 2 TZ-BRE-63966 TZ-BRLA-63966
Twin GB-CHC-291824 1 GB-CHC-291824
Uganda Martyrs University UG-RSB-80010000253134/25060 1 UG-RSB-80010000253134/25060
UHAI EASHRI KE-RCO-201036685 1 KE-RCO-201036685
UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) GB-GOV-13 1 GB-GOV-13
UK - Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport GB-GOV-12 1 GB-GOV-12
UK - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs GB-GOV-7 1 GB-GOV-7
UK - Department for International Development (DFID) GB-GOV-1 1 GB-GOV-1
UK - Department for Work and Pensions GB-9 2 GB-GOV-9 GB-GOVUK-9
UK - Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) GB-GOV-10 1 GB-GOV-10
UK - Foreign & Commonwealth Office GB-GOV-3 2 GB-GOV-3 null
UK - Home Office GB-GOV-6 1 GB-GOV-6
UK - Medical Research Council GB-COH-RC000346 1 GB-COH-RC000346
UK - Ministry of Defence GB-GOV-8 1 GB-GOV-8
UK - Scottish Government GB-GOV-21 1 GB-GOV-21
UK – Department for Education GB-GOV-14 1 GB-GOV-14
ULB-Coopération BE-BCE_KBO-0415627875 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0415627875
UN Global Compact Local Network UK GB-COH-08567552 1 GB-COH-08567552
UN Women XM-DAC-41146 1 XM-DAC-41146
UN-Habitat 41120 0
Unicef Belgium National Committee BE-BCE_KBO-0407562029 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0407562029
UNICEF Netherlands National Committee NL-KVK-27102631 1 NL-KVK-27102631
Union des Villes et Communes de Wallonie (UVCW) BE-BCE_KBO-0451461655 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0451461655
Union of Agricultural Work Committees PS-MOI-RA-22220-A 1 PS-MOI-RA-22220-A
UNITAID XM-DAC-30010 1 XM-DAC-30010
United Disabled Persons of Kenya KE-RSO-14210 1 KE-RSO-14210
United Mission to Nepal XI-IATI-1002 1 XI-IATI-1002
United Nations Capital Development Fund XM-DAC-41111 1 XM-DAC-41111
United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) XM-OCHA-CERF 1 XM-OCHA-CERF
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) XM-DAC-41122 1 XM-DAC-41122
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) XM-DAC-41114 1 XM-DAC-41114
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) XM-DAC-41304 1 XM-DAC-41304
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) XM-DAC-41116 1 XM-DAC-41116
United Nations Foundation US-EIN-58-2368165 1 US-EIN-58-2368165
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) XM-DAC-41121 1 XM-DAC-41121
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) XM-DAC-41123 1 XM-DAC-41123
United Nations Joint Programme on HIV and AIDS Secretariat (UNAIDS) XM-DAC-41110 1 XM-DAC-41110
United Nations OCHA Financial Tracking Service (UN OCHA FTS) XM-OCHA-FTS 0
United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) 41AAA 1 41AAA
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) XM-DAC-41127 1 XM-DAC-41127
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Specially-Designated Contributions) XI-IATI-OCHASDC 1 XI-IATI-OCHASDC
United Nations Population Fund 41119 1 41119
United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) XM-DAC-41140 1 XM-DAC-41140
United Purpose GB-CHC-272465 1 GB-CHC-272465
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) US-GOV-1 1 US-GOV-1
United Work NL-KVK-67143555 1 NL-KVK-67143555
Universitair Centrum voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking BE-BCE_KBO-0420790948 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0420790948
Universiteit Leiden NL-KVK-27368929 1 NL-KVK-27368929
University College London GB-COH-RC000631 1 GB-COH-RC000631
University of Amsterdam NL-KVK-34370207 1 NL-KVK-34370207
University of Birmingham (Governance and Social Development Resource Centre) GB-EDU-133784 1 GB-EDU-133784
University of Dundee GB-SC-015096 1 GB-SC-015096
University of Kinshasa XI-GRID-grid.9783.5 1 XI-GRID-grid.9783.5
University of Leeds GB-COH-RC000658 1 GB-COH-RC000658
University of Nottingham GB-COH-RC000664 1 GB-COH-RC000664
University Of Zimbabwe XI-GRID-grid.13001.33 1 XI-GRID-grid.13001.33
University Twente NL-KVK-50130536 1 NL-KVK-50130536
Upper Quartile GB-COH-SC301345 1 GB-COH-SC301345
Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights US-EIN-03-0419743 1 US-EIN-03-041973
Urgent Action Fund Latin America and the Caribbean CO-CCB-00159397 1 CO-CCB-00159397
Urgent Action Fund-Africa KE-NCB-200201282375 1 KE-NCB-200201282375
UTZ NL-KVK-34159275 1 NL-KVK-34159275
UWEZO Youth Empowerment RW-RGB-101-RGB-NGO-2014 1 RW-RGB-101-RGB-NGO-2014
Varkey Foundation GB-CHC-1145119 1 GB-CHC-1145119
VEI (Vitens-Evides International) NL-KVK-08134161 1 NL-KVK-08134161
VIA Don Bosco BE-BCE_KBO-0413119733 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0413119733
Village Enterprise US-EIN-22-2852248 2 US-EIN-22-2852248 US-EIN-222852248
Village Water Ltd GB-CHC-1117377 1 GB-CHC-1117377
Vision Aid Overseas GB-CHC-1081695 1 GB-CHC-1081695
Vision for a Nation Foundation GB-CHC-1140123 1 GB-CHC-1140123
VisionFund International US-EIN-22-3900800 1 US-EIN-22-3900800
Viva GB-CHC-1053389 1 GB-CHC-1053389
Viva Salud BE-BCE_KBO-0418282311 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0418282311
Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad voor Universitaire Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (VLIR-UOS) BE-BCE_KBO-0418766123 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0418766123
VNG International NL-KVK-27195046 1 NL-KVK-27195046
Voluntary Health Association of India IN-MHA-231650063 1 IN-MHA-231650063
Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) GB-CHC-313757 1 GB-CHC-313757
VVOB Education for Development BE-BCE_KBO-0423616717 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0423616717
VVSG - Vereniging van Vlaamse Steden en Gemeenten BE-BCE_KBO-0451857573 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0451857573
Wageningen University & Research - Stichting Wageningen Research NL-KVK-09098104 1 NL-KVK-09098104
War Child Canada CA-CRA_ACR-872374426 1 CA-CRA_ACR-872374426
War Child Holland NL-KVK-41215393 1 NL-KVK-41215393
War Child UK GB-CHC-1071659 2 GB-CHC-1071659 null
War on Want GB-CHC-208724 1 GB-CHC-208724
War on Want NI GB-COH-NI011322 1 GB-COH-NI011322
WASH Alliance International XI-IATI-WAI 1 XI-IATI-WAI
WASTE advisers on urban environment and development NL-KVK-41172933 1 NL-KVK-41172933
Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) GB-COH-5419428 1 GB-COH-5419428
Water Finance Facility NL-KVK-60633468 1 NL-KVK-60633468
Water for People US-EIN-84-1166148 1 US-EIN-84-1166148
Water Integrity Network Association DE-CR-VR32914 1 DE-CR-VR32914
Water Witness International GB-COH-353570 1 GB-COH-353570
Water Works GB-CHC-1158206 1 GB-CHC-1158206
WaterAid GB-CHC-288701 1 GB-CHC-288701
We Effect SE-ON-802004-1524 1 SE-ON-802004-1524
We World - GVC Onlus IT-RI-97241280151 1 IT-RI-97241280151
Welbodi Partnership GB-CHC-1125217 1 GB-CHC-1125217
Wellfound GB-CHC-1110434 1 GB-CHC-1110434
Welthungerhilfe DE-CR-RA000220-VR3810 1 DE-CR-RA000220-VR3810
Wemos Foundation NL-KVK-41201644 1 NL-KVK-41201644
Wereldsolidariteit-Solidarité Mondiale (WSM) BE-BCE_KBO-0413986102 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0413986102
Westminster Foundation for Democracy GB-COH-02693163 1 GB-COH-02693163
Wetlands International NL-KVK-9099028 1 NL-KVK-9099028
Win Win Strategies NL-KVK-66926262 1 NL-KVK-66926262
Windle Trust Kenya KE-NCB-OP/218/051/915/65 1 KE-NCB-OP/218/051/915/65
WNF Wereld Natuur Fonds NL-KVK-41177588 1 NL-KVK-41177588
WO=MEN, Dutch Gender Platform NL-KVK-27293385 1 NL-KVK-27293385
Wolayita Development Association ET-CSA-0486 1 ET-CSA-0486
Womankind Worldwide GB-CHC-328206 1 GB-CHC-328206
Women and Children First (UK) GB-CHC-1085096 1 GB-CHC-1085096
Women Engage for a Common Future NL-KVK-41186799 1 NL-KVK-41186799
Women Environmental Programme NG-CAC-495140 1 NG-CAC-495140
Women for Women International (UK) GB-CHC-1115109 1 GB-CHC-1115109
Women Peacemakers Program NL-KVK-56083459 1 NL-KVK-56083459
Women's Action Group ZW-ROD-MA988/87 1 ZW-ROD-MA988-87
Women's Environment & Development Organization US-EIN-52-1238773 1 US-EIN-52-1238773
Women's Fund Asia LK-DRC-GA139 1 LK-DRC-GA139
Women's Global Network on Reproductive Rights PH-SEC-FN200806591 1 PH-SEC-FN200806591
Women's Refugee Commission US-EIN-463668128 2 US-EIN-46-3668128 US-EIN-463668128
World Agroforestry Centre XM-DAC-47056 1 XM-DAC-47056
World Association for Christian Communication (UK) GB-COH-2082273 1 GB-COH-2082273
World Benchmarking Alliance Foundation NL-KVK-53744993 1 NL-KVK-53744993
World Child Cancer UK GB-CHC-1084729 1 GB-CHC-1084729
World Economic Forum US-EIN-203908371 1 US-EIN-20-3908371
World Economic Forum Geneva CH-FDJP-66004229946 1 XI-PB-CH-6600422994-6
World Education Inc. US-EIN-13-1804349 1 US-EIN-131-804-349
World Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy NL-KVK-41153698 1 NL-KVK-41153698
World Health Organization XM-DAC-928 1 XM-DAC-928
World Jewish Relief GB-CHC-290767 1 GB-CHC-290767
World Resources Institute US-EIN-521257057 1 US-EIN-521257057
World University Service of Canada CA-CRA_ARC-119304848 1 CA-CRA_ARC-119304848
World Vegetable Center XM-DAC-47008 1 XM-DAC-47008
World Vision International US-EIN-95-3202116 1 US-EIN-95-3202116
World Vision Netherlands NL-KVK-41179943 1 NL-KVK-41179943
World Vision Syria JO-CCD-2826 1 JO-CCD-2826
World Vision UK GB-CHC-285908 2 GB-CHC-285908 null
World Vision Zimbabwe ZW-PVO-26/79 1 ZW-PVO-26/79
World Waternet NL-KVK-34271281 1 NL-KVK-34271281
World Wide Fund for Nature - Pakistan 21-PK-WWF 1 21-PK-WWF
World Wide Fund for Nature Belgium (WWF-BE) BE-BCE_KBO-0408656248 1 BE-BCE_KBO-0408656248
World Wide Fund for Nature Denmark DK-CVR-40781218 1 DK-CVR-40781218
Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance GB-COH-06735120 1 GB-COH-06735120
WWF Sweden SE-ON-802005-9823 1 SE-ON-802005-9823
WWF-UK GB-COH-1081247 3 GB-CHC-1081247 GB-COH-1081247 GB-COH-4016725
WYG International B.V. NL-KVK-06702132 1 NL-KVK-06702132
Y Care International GB-CHC-1109789 1 GB-CHC-1109789
Yamaan Foundation for Health and Social Development YE-MSAL-80/295 1 YE-MSAL-80/295
YMCA of Liberia LR-MPEA-NGO-AC-0298 1 LR-MPEA-NGO-AC-0298
Young Innovations Pvt. Ltd NP-CRO-45995/063/064 2 NP-CRO-201819-124 NP-CRO-45995/063/064
Youth Business International GB-CHC-1123946 1 GB-CHC-1123946
Youth Net and Counselling - YONECO MW-CNM-C076-1999 1 MW-CNM-C076-1999
YWCA of Bangladesh BD-NAB-051 1 BD-NAB-051
Zambia Orphans Aid UK GB-CHC-1145721 1 GB-CHC-1145721
Zimbabwe Educational Trust GB-CHC-327519 1 GB-CHC-327519
Zing GB-CHC-1133342 1 GB-CHC-1133342
ZOA NL-KVK-41009723 1 NL-KVK-41009723
Zoological Society of London GB-COH-RC000749 1 GB-CHC-208728