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On the Registry peacedirect
Reporting Org on Registry GB-CHC-1123241
Reporting Org(s) in Data GB-COH-1123241
Activity Files 1
Organisation Files 0
Total File Size 3.8 kB
Activities 1
Unique Activities 1
Organisations 0
Versions 2.03
Hierarchies 1
Licenses cc-by
Files failing validation 0

1 Activities


1 Activity Files


0 Organisation Files


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3.8 kB Total File Size


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0 Files where XML is not well-formed


Data Quality

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The below figures are calculated based on the data contained within the <budget> element for each reported activity. Original and revised elements are based on the value declared in the budget/@type attribute. Where budgets fall across two calendar years, the month of the <period-end> date is used to determine annual groupings, with budgets for periods ending January-June added to the previous calendar year.

Year Count (all) Sum (all) Count (Original) Sum (Original) Count (Revised) Sum (Revised)
Total 4 1070048.71 GBP
4 1070048.71 GBP
2019 1 272946.07 GBP
1 272946.07 GBP
2020 1 350619.87 GBP
1 350619.87 GBP
2021 1 316818.79 GBP
1 316818.79 GBP
2022 1 129663.98 GBP
1 129663.98 GBP

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Package Activities (J) Organisations (J) File Size (J) Version (J)
peacedirect-activities 1 0 3.8 kB

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